A Carnival Themed Birthday Party for Any Age

Whether you’re 5 or 50, a carnival theme for a your next birthday can be done (and done well!). Whether it’s a carnival theme party for adults or kids, you can make it fun or sophisticated – or fun AND sophisticated!

The simplest way to bring the carnival to your bash – bright colors! With Archive’s party furniture rentals you can transform your space into a carnival get-away. Pick bright pieces like our Daisy Chest, Colored Goblets, Mixed Colored Farm Chairs, or our Pauline Bar. Top it off with Pagoda Umbrellas for an olde timey feel.

Lucky for you, all ages loves carnival food. For sweets, choose classic picks like candy apples. funnel cakes and donuts. Also offer hot dogs, nachos and pretzels. Don’t forget the cotton candy! Keep it simple for the kids and make it fancier for the adults with nuts on the candy apples, decadent hot dogs and over-the-top nachos. For drinks, serve lemonade (spiked for the grown-ups) and classic coca-cola in bottles (and served with rum for the 21+ crowd) out of our Vintage Bathtub.

Funk up the space with fun florals. Bring in pops of color with butterscotch and fuchsia dahlias and keep it carnival friendly with simple flowers like daisies. Add lots of greenery and make it messy! Nothing is too prim and proper at the fair. Display them in our Vintage Tins to get the olde time carnival feel.

Bring classic carnival games to your party – that’s the whole point of a carnival after all! Set-up ring toss, bean bag toss, a dunk tank and darts! For an adult carnival party, do a spin on classic carnival games with fancy prizes! Have guests win gift cards to their favorite stores or gift certificates to their favorite fancy restaurant. Add in a photo booth so every has a memory to take home!

One word. Balloons! You can’t have a carnival without balloons! For a kids party, make it very colorful – don’t let any color go unnoticed! Red, Blue, Green, Yellow – add it all in! For an adult carnival bash, keep it more simple so it’s doesn’t seem to corny. Think monochromatic or two-toned. Sprinkle them throughout the space or create a memorable balloon installation to set the tone for your party!


Ready to start planning? Drop us a line and we can help get your creative juices flowing! With the best event rentals in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, you won’t be disappointed.