Our new home: Austin, Texas! Ever inspired by Lone Star State's wild spirit, rustic charm and western aesthetic, it only makes sense for us to set up shop in Texas’ capital. We love Austin because it feels hip, yet traditional, young, yet historic and bold, yet understated. It is the perfect paradox and always keeps us on our toes! Austin marks the latest adventure in Archive's path to bring elevated design to the world.
For those who don’t know us, Archive is a Specialty Rental Company and Event Design House. Our name reflects our roots. In 2010, we began by giving forgotten pieces new purpose. We have since expanded into all facets of design, archiving pieces from every era. We thrive on pushing boundaries and don’t fit in any type of box. Our vast inventory includes Mid-Century, Classic, Eclectic, Industrial, Modern, Vintage, you name it – we have it. We serve all of California, the Riviera Maya coastline of Mexico and now (yay we can say it!) - Texas!
As a creative group of individuals, we allow ourselves and our customers to be inventive and re-think the norm. We consider ourselves and our company more ‘free-spirited’​ than ‘cookie-cutter’​. At Archive, our simple goal is to provide you with beauty and inspiration.
We pride ourselves in trailblazing in the event industry and are always looking to forge new paths. We value our relationships with clients and partners and are constantly elevating our offerings to exceed expectations. We thrive on personalizing your event to match your needs and to be truly authentic.
With our meticulously curated inventory and seasoned designers, we are truly a force to be reckoned with. We bring a fresh perspective and something else. You want Mid-Century? We got it. You want Classic and Romantic? We love it. You want Modern mixed with tropical vibes and Vintage flair on a budget? We can make it happen.
Our mission is to create cohesive and stunning events that are equal parts timeless and trend setting. Your event should be unique to you, and we’re going to help you turn your vision into a breathtaking reality. Authenticity is our game, Archive is our name.
We are so excited to get our feet on the ground running and design some stellar events in TEXAS! Drop us a line and let’s get started created the wedding, event, conference, retreat or company party of your dreams!


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