Styling Your Wedding

With the countless blogs and wedding eye-candy on the internet, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that you can do it all and style your wedding.  What most brides don’t know is that there are countless details to take into consideration, and with a vintage look in particular, there are so many options and possibilities.  So how can we help you?  Our design team is super savvy when it comes to our inventory, and given a few more details about your style, look and desired outcome, we can help guide you to best selecting those special pieces which are going to bring your look together and be conscious of a budget.

So, here are a few of our insider design ideas and tips to share with you!

Little details can go a long ways.  A few vignettes or styled areas can tie together your spaces and give a cohesive feel.  Try styling the guest book area, head table and dessert table where a lot of the focal attention will go for your guests as they enter and enjoy your evening.

Here is a cake display we added some finishing touches to.   A few vintage bottles, vintage books and vintage clocks add to the overall decor and bring harmony to the cake table.  And, the wooden cake slab is one of our favorite items this year!  Great for a stand, or for a centerpiece display!

Photo Credits: Sherri J Photography

Photo Credits: Sherri J Photography

A grouping of lounge furniture can go a long ways.  Also, very functional, it is a great spot for your guests to enjoy some unconventional seating. When designing lounge areas, a single sofa and two arm chairs accompanied by a coffee table and some end tables make for a great look.

Your tabletop decor shouldn’t be overlooked!  With the options for mismatched vintage china, vintage flatware and gorgeous vintage goblets to add a bit of color to your look, you can’t forget that functional pieces can also be pretty!  Mixing up vintage salad plates and vintage dining plates in china and glass add a great layering effect.

So, how can we help you bring your look together and style a vignette, your tabletop or possibly your entire event?  From ceremony seating arrangements, arbors and all the little details from start to finish, we’re here to help you bring your look together and get you that finished style!