Archive is a Specialty Rental Company and Event Design House. Our name reflects our roots. In 2010, we began by giving forgotten pieces new purpose. We have since expanded into all facets of design, archiving pieces from every era. We thrive on pushing boundaries and don’t fit in any type of box. Our vast inventory includes Mid-Century, Classic, Eclectic, Industrial, Modern, Vintage, you name it – we have it. We serve all of California, Texas, the Pacific Northwest and the Riviera Maya coastline of Mexico.

As a creative group of individuals, we allow ourselves and our customers to be inventive and re-think the norm. We consider ourselves and our company more ‘free-spirited’​ than ‘cookie-cutter’​. At Archive, our simple goal is to provide you with beauty and inspiration. We’d love to get to know you better, so please feel free to contact us to set up a personalized visit to our San Clemente headquarters, Austin showroom and warehouse, Portland showroom and warehouse or Playa Del Carmen warehouse.