Accessory of the Week: Candlesticks

We’re starting a new series on the blog each Wednesday which will feature one of our favorite accessories in our vintage inventory.  We’ll be showcasing how you can incorporate these pieces into your overall design and create the perfect additions to make your wedding or event extra special!  There are so many great detail pieces we have, and we’d love if you came up with some great ways to showcase these for your own event as well!

Once you get your beautiful lounge area dressed up with upholstered sofas, trunks, and end tables, it’s the final touches that make these areas come together and have another layer of personality!  Floral accents on your side tables and coffee tables are a great way to finish off a space, and candlesticks are a great accessory and vessel that can be used for these areas!

One thing you don’t have to worry about with overall design these days, especially when it comes to vintage and eclectic weddings is being too matchy-matchy.  I love how the use of brass, mixed with a tarnished bronze look is used above in the tabletop.  There are multiple layers which adds interest, and makes for a more cozy and “backyard” feel.  Here, the candlesticks were used simply for candles, which added some nice height to this table, and a bit of romance when the sun sets!

Another design use: For taller floral centerpieces it is great to place three candlesticks around the base of your main centerpiece to graduate height to the taller floral arrangement.  The more layers, the more interest!

The candlesticks on this table display add a metallic element to this table setting, in addition to some height.

Here, a candlestick is used as a vessel for this succulent-floral arrangement. Just by placing these flowers in this container makes this arrangement, though small, a great focal piece.  Isn’t it opulent?!

Or, group a bunch of candlesticks of the same finish with no florals or candles… this makes a statement as well!

Here is an assortment of various styles and finishes of candlesticks we carry in our inventory. What a beautiful display this would make all grouped together for an evening wedding place card display!