Accessory of the Week: Suitcases

There’s something about vintage suitcases that strikes nostalgia for times past.  The worn nature makes you wonder just where these pieces travelled, with whatever treasures and belongings inside packed away for a joyous holiday.  In all shapes and sizes, we’ve got the perfect use for these gems… here are just a few ways you can use these for your own vintage wedding decor.

As a lovely little prop.  Vintage suitcases are the perfect accessory to carry in your photos.

Image captured by: Aaron Shintaku Photography.

A vintage suitcase cake stand; because we love little touches like this that make a unique statement.

Image captured by: Picotte Weddings

To display place cards inside… of course with lovely touches of botanical items.

Image captured by: Picotte Weddings

To display a floral arrangement, and add a little height to any table.

Image captured by: Picotte Weddings

You can also use vintage suitcases stacked upon each other as a side table, coffee table or stand to display your favorite vintage items atop.

Images captured by: Sarah Layne Photography

With an array of different styles, colors and finishes of vintage suitcases we have in our inventory, the options are endless of how you can utilize these in your decor.

Image captured by: Bobby Brown Photography