Bread Plate - Stoneware Sand

Bread Plate - Mixed Crystal Plate

Bread Plate - Hepburn Plate

Bread Plate - Ivory China Plate

Bread Plate - Crescent Plate

Bread Plate - Capistrano Plate

Bread Plate - Stoneware Light Grey Plate

Bread Plate - Yellow Plate

Bread Plate - Blush Plate

Bread Plate - Mixed China Plate

Bread Plate - Cranberry

Bread Plate - Stoneware Charcoal Plate

Salad Plate - Doheny Plate

Salad Plate - Stoneware Sand Plate

Salad Plate - Crescent Plate

Salad Plate - Sophia Plate

Salad Plate - Blossom Plate

Salad Plate - Malibu Plate

Salad Plate - Sonora Plate

Salad Plate - Ivory China Plate

Salad Plate - Sunset Plate

Salad Plate - Hepburn Plate

Salad Plate - Cut Crystal Plate

Salad Plate - Stoneware Light Grey Plate

Salad Plate - Mixed Crystal Gold Rim Plate

Salad Plate - Blush Plate

Salad Plate - White China Gold Rim Plate

Salad Plate - Gold Rim Milk Glass Plate

Salad Plate - Hand Painted Plate

Salad Plate - Mixed China Plate

Salad Plate - Lavender Plate

Salad Plate - Amethyst Plate

Salad Plate - Cranberry Plate

Salad Plate - Enamelware Orange Plate

Salad Plate - Amber Plate

Salad Plate - Yellow Plate

Salad Plate - Mint Plate

Salad Plate - Stoneware Charcoal Plate

Salad Plate - Jadeite Plate

Salad Plate - Green Plate

Salad Plate - Cobalt Salad Plate

Salad Plate - GreyPlate

Salad Plate - Enamelware Grey Rim Plate

Salad Plate - Enamelware Black Rim Plate

Salad Plate - Enamelware Red Rim Plate

Dinner Plate - Stoneware Sand Plate

Dinner Plate - Crystal Plate

Dinner Plate - Balboa Plate

Dinner Plate - Sonora Plate

Dinner Plate - Sophia Plate

Dinner Plate - Mateo Plate

Dinner Plate - Mixed China Plate

Dinner Plate - Avalon Plate

Dinner Plate - Ivory China Plate

Dinner Plate - Crescent Plate

Dinner Plate - Stoneware Charcoal Plate

Dinner Plate - Gold Rim Milk Glass Plate

Dinner Plate - Hepburn Plate

Dinner Plate - Stoneware Light Grey

Dinner Plate - Blush Plate

Dinner Plate - Cranberry Plate

Dinner Plate - Jadeite Plate

Dinner Plate - Cobalt Plate

Dinner Plate - Enamelware Plate - Dark Blue

Dinner Plate - Enamelware Plate - Teal

Dinner Plate - Red Enamelware

Enamelware Dinner Plate - Black Rim

Enamelware Dinner Plate - Blue Rim

Charger - Cut Crystal Glass

Charger - Sophia

Charger - Crescent

Charger - Balboa

Charger - Monterey

Charger - Hepburn

Charger - Silver Plain

Charger - Silver Simple

Charger - Silver Ornate

Charger - Plain Brass

Charger - Ornate Brass

Charger - Wood

Rose Gold Charger

Soup Bowl - Claremont

Soup Plate Enamelware Black Rim

Soup Bowl - Sophia

Soup Plate- Enamelware Grey Rim

Blush Berry Bowl

Silver Rim Coupe

Cut Crystal Glass Goblets

Gold Rim Goblets

Matching Champagne Coupes

Mixed Champagne Coupes

Milk Glass Drinkware

Light Aqua Blue Goblets

Light Blue Goblets

Navy Blue Goblets

Aqua Blue Goblets

Light Cobalt Blue Goblets

Bright Sapphire Blue Goblets

Teal Blue Goblets

Teal Green Goblets

Green Goblets

Amber Goblets

Yellow Goblets

Blush Goblets

Light Amethyst Goblets

Amethyst Goblets

Blush and Green Champagne Coupe

Blush Coupe

Blush Champagne Flutes

Ruby Glass

Cranberry Glass

Silver Goblets

Grey Goblets

Lavender Goblets

Brass Goblets

Smoke Goblet

Mint Julep Cups

Clear Glass Punch Cups

Cut Glass Cocktail Glasses

Mason Jars - Clear

Blue Mason Jars

Enamelware Coffee Cup - Dark Blue

Enamelware Coffee Cup - Red

Copper Mule Mug


Mid-Century Cocktail Collection

Mid-Century Drinkware

Gold Rimmed Glassware

Flatware - Vintage Brass

Flatware - Rose gold

Brushed Gold Flatware

Flatware - Vintage Silverplate

Flatware - Gunmetal

Grey Linen Napkin

White Hemstitch Napkin

Mixed Vintage White Napkins

Crochet Edge Napkins

Flax Napkins

Flax Cocktail Napkins

Nelly Napkins

Linen Frayed Edge Napkin

Patterned Napkin Collection

Blue Shibori Napkins

Black and White Bistro Napkins

Grey Dip Dye Napkin

Turkish Napkin

Pink Dip Dye Napkins

Orange Dip Dye Napkin

Fiesta Napkins

Marine Napkin

Navy Blue Napkins

Cake Stands - White and Milk Glass

Cake Stands - Silver

Cake Stands - Brass

Cake Stands - Cranberry

Cake Stands - Ruby

Cake Stands - Amethyst

Cake Stands - Lavender

Cake Stands - Blush

Cake Stands - Pink

Cake Stands - Amber Glass

Cake Stands - Green Glass

Cake Stands - Jadeite

Cake Stands - Mixed

Cake Stands - French Blue

Cake Stands - Cobalt Blue

Cake Stand - Porcelain

Cake Stands - Crystal Glass

Pollyanna Stamped Tin Cake Riser

Crystal Compotes

Milk Glass Containers

Crystal Containers

Green Depression Glass Containers

Silver Teapots

Pink Depression Glass Containers

Blue Glass Containers

Wood Slab Cake Riser

Silver and Crystal Pitchers

Crystal Pitchers

Crystal Decanters

Apothecary Jars

Glass Beverage Dispensers

Wonderland Tea Cups

China Teapots

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt Cellars

Gold Tiered Tower

Vintage Cupcake Stand

Serving Tray - Silver

Lace Overlays

Serving Tray - Brass

White Lace Runner

Hand Dyed, Woven Runners - White

Candlelight Lace Runner

Ivory Lace Table Runner

Hand Dyed, Woven Runners - Ivory

Burlap Table Runner

Ivory Knit Runners

Ecru Linen Runner

Sand Linen Runner

Grey Linen Runner

Hand Dyed, Woven Runners - Grey

Hand Dyed, Woven Runners - Indigo

Macrame Runners

Chevron Table Runner

Fruit & Flowers Linens

Santiago Table Runners

Piano Shawl

Sequin Overlay

Raffia Aisle Runner

Burlap Aisle Runner