Chic Engagement Photo Ideas That Aren’t Cheesy

With social media flooding us with engagement and wedding inspiration, everyone is trying to out-do one another. Engagement photos have been taken to the next level, with outlandish ideas and super planned set-ups. Although these shots get lots of likes, they err on the side of trendy when engagement photos should be timeless! When thinking of engagement photo ideas, think of what kind of photo you want to hang on your wall for the next 50 years. Below, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite ideas and tips for nailing the engagement shoot that lets your love shine through!

01. Location, Location, Location!

The more comfortable you are, the more effortless your engagement photos will be! Choose to take them at home or somewhere special to just you two. Think your favorite cafe, first date spot or place you got engaged. Or try the spot where you first met. We’ve even seen engagement pictures taken in Target…seriously anywhere works!

(Photo: Tim Water Photography)

02. Be in Action!

An easy way to take the awkward-ness out of your engagement shoot and get some killer candid shots is to plan an activity. For instance, if you choose your own home, try baking a cake or cooking pasta. Do you love camping? Surfing? Bring your photographer along! This is a great way to let your personality shine through, while keeping things casual so you feel the most yourself.

(Photo: Anna Pumer Photography )

03. Destination Shoot

If you have an upcoming weekend getaway, brainstorm bringing your photographer along. They can capture you exploring some place new, which always showcases feelings of excitement! This is one of our favorite creative engagement photo ideas. It’s casual, effortless and not to mention – fun!

(Photo: Anna Pumer Photography )

04. Use Props….Wisely

Props can get really cheesy, really quick. Steer away from any type of “theme” and pick a classic prop that is also interactive. Our Vintage Vespa hits the nail on the head! It will make your shoot day extra special and allows for a unusual variety of poses. A sure fire way to have unique engagement pictures, without feeling too cheesy.

P.S. Meet your photographer beforehand so you can get comfortable with them before the day of the shoot. Finding the right photographer is half the battle, so once you find the right one, trust their expertise!


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