Famous for its rugged coastline, Big Sur is full of dramatic, natural beauty. Intriguing hikes and gorgeous drives are its typical tourist draws, but the misty romantic vibe this special place gives off is unparalleled. Weddings here are usually moody in the best way possible.
With 90 miles of the most scenic highway in the country, Big Sur is truly a gem on the Pacific Coast. With crystal blue waters, dramatic coastline and charm at every highway pull out, there is so much to love about Big Sur State Park. To this day, many landmarks are named after early settlers of the land. Mt. Manuel, Pfeiffer Ridge, Post Summit, Cooper Point, Dani Ridge and Partington Cove just to name a few. There’s no shortage of adventure when visiting Big Sur.
Paion Estate is the ultimate spot to get married in Big Sur. And when we say ultimate, we mean it. A private and secluded location perched on a cliff above the one of a kind Pacific Coastline, Paion Estate offers a picture perfect ceremony backdrop. With the signature trees of Big Sur and a wide open grass field, this estate is equal parts understated and over the top. One of our favorite weddings to date was held at Paion Estate during the winter. With hues of deep red, greens and pops of blue, the color palette perfectly complemented the venue. The florals were organic and effortless and the vibe was relaxed, yet refined. Wooden tables propped up billowing florals, and wood slab charcuterie trays, while crystal goblets and coupes brought elegance to the tablescape. Get this! The bride surprised the groom and walked down the aisle in a cranberry red Vera Wang dress! Want to see the beauty for yourself? Check out this gallery here for all of the amazing one of a kind details!
Heart Castle is just a hop skip and a jump away from Big Sur, so be sure to stop by on your way in! A California Historical Landmark mansion, Hearst Castle was the residence of newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst between 1919 and 1947. With a considerable collection of art and antiques, this mansion is a tourist hot spot along the Central Coast of California. Millions of travelers visit it each and every year. With on site zebras and the famous and luxurious Neptune Pool, Hearst Castle is a beautiful and interesting stop on your way into Big Sur.
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