Let’s Transition from Fall to Winter

Goodbye to the crisp season of fall and hello to the colder months of the winter season. As November comes to an end, we welcome a new season with the changes that are visible to us thanks to mother nature. However, not only nature can indicate the transition our atmosphere is going through at the time, but we can through design as well!



Whether it’s about designing a more personal space or even about event design, this can be made simple when we take inspiration from the natural changes happening all around us when it comes to this transition between seasons. When autumn begins, we can observe warm tones emerging as the nature around us begins to become dry, and winter brings out cooler and neutral tones to reflect the much colder weather. Let’s take a look at how to make these changes with some examples from weddings that the Archive rentals team has worked on!




In any design case, considering the season in which you are in can be a huge inspiration to guide designers to create a cohesive look. In weddings for example, we often see dark red, orange, and black tones which we see in this lounge area in the florals as well as furniture. For winter we can transition into a more cozy feel that invites you to come in, take of your coat, and warm up inside. This can be done with a change in the furniture pieces that give a larger sense of comfortability and warmth. Besides the white neutral tones, winter designs can also incorporate festive red or green accents to tie in with the holiday season.


Décor Details

No matter how small, details matter. They are what makes the design come together after all. When it comes to the design details of an event, it is important to keep those season-inspired tones mentioned earlier in mind as well as any objects or additional colors that speak to the designer or client. For example, where we see dry palms and modern taxidermy inspired décor in the fall wedding, we can replace with an abundance of greenery or white roses for the winter. As for dinnerware and additional table décor, we see black and orange underplates replaced with shiny gold underplates and matching silverware as well as clear glass with white candles that complement the clear crystal drinkware. Overall, we can see the transition from an edgy fall wedding to a winter wonderland wedding.



Ultimately, whether you are designing a wedding, event, or even your home inspired by the transition from Autumn leaves to Winter snowfall, it is important to think about the emotions that the seasons invokes within you. Happy Designing!