Must-Haves for Your Grown-Up, Chic Halloween Party!

 While the kids trick-or-treat, throw a chic, grown-up party! Below are a few Halloween party ideas for adults.

01. S E A T E D    D I N N E R

There’s nothing more modern than a sophisticated and tasteful table setting. Our picks: the Solana Table, Black Bentwood Chairs, Gold Rim Goblets and Charcoal Stoneware.

02. A M B I E N C E

Whether in Lanterns, Hurricanes, Votives, or Candlesticks, be sure to brighten up the space with moody ambience.

03. T E X T I L E S

Nothing warms up a space like cozy textiles. Try throwing a rug under the table, a throw on a few chairs and pillows in your vignette! The easiest way to make your Halloween party chic: ditch the pumpkin orange. We’re drawn towards moody charcoal tones, soft creams and subtle greys. Add in an accent color of choice!

04. M I N G L E

Nothing says grown-up more than the perfect cocktail set-up. Pair cocktail tables with lounge vignettes so guests can mingle before and after dinner. Bring some accent hues into your color scheme. Try an unexpected soft blush, a classic deep red or misty blue. Our favorites: the Luna Sofa, Vixen Chairs, Flint Factory Bar Table, and Bardot Bar Table.

05. B A R

Serve up a signature drink at the bar. Put a spin on the classic punch bowl…add in dry ice and serve in Crystal Goblets!  Our bar favorites: Goodwin Shelving Unit, Apollo Bar, London Buffet & Floyd Bookshelf.

06. D E C O R

Last, but not least, bring in some chic Halloween decor. Keep it simple and monochromatic with just a few touches of white pumpkins, Bourbon Bottle, Crystal Accents, and Himmeli Geo Shapes.