We’ve got a new attitude!

Our name reflects our roots. In 2010, we began by giving forgotten pieces new purpose and initiated a spark that lit a fire within the events industry. We have since expanded into all facets of design, archiving pieces from every era. We thrive on pushing boundaries and don’t fit in any type of box. Our vast inventory includes Mid-Century, Classic, Eclectic, Industrial, Modern, Vintage, you name it – we have it. We have since become a familiar name in events, known for our role in creating moments that provoke the senses by activating our curated collection of rentals with our award winning tribe of in-house designers.

We pride ourselves in trailblazing in the event industry and are always looking to forge new paths. We value our relationships with clients and partners and are constantly elevating our offerings to exceed expectations. We thrive on personalizing your event to match your needs and to be truly authentic.

With our meticulously curated inventory and seasoned designers, we are truly a force to be reckoned with. We bring a fresh perspective and something else. You want Mid-Century? We got it. You want Classic and Romantic? We love it. You want Modern mixed with tropical vibes and Vintage flair on a budget? We can make it happen.

Our mission is to create cohesive and stunning events that are equal parts timeless and trend setting. Your event should be unique to you, and we’re going to help you turn your vision into a breathtaking reality.

Here at Archive, we have always been a mix of many moods all at once. Depending on when you catch us (and at what event), you never know what you’re gunna get. We’re a box of chocolates in company form. We can be serious and sophisticated. We can be fun and funky. We can be charming and rustic. So how do you rebrand when you can literally be (and do!) it all? After months of brainstorming, strategizing and getting it just right, we decided to take a clean and timeless look, mix in a stand-out color palette of blushes, apricot and kale, and add in some funky and contemporary inspiration. We ended up with the same old Archive you know and love, but with a new and improved attitude. We’ve got a little something for everyone to love!



So drop us a line and let’s start creating that intimate backyard dinner party you’ve been thinking about for months! Or your upcoming wedding that you’ve been thinking about since you were 5. Whether your event is big or small, Archive is here to help make it happen. And make it the absolute best it can be. Let’s start creating some magic!