Top Wedding Destinations For 2020

The holidays are officially over and it’s time for the newly engaged couples to start planning the wedding of the year! Lucky for you, we’ve already got all of the top wedding destination spots sorted out, so all you have to do is choose your dream destination, add some Archive inventory and you’ll be all set up to be named “Wedding of the Year” by all your loved ones!

We are starting this 2020 Wedding Destinations Tour in none other than Seattle, WA. Here you’ll find the water, the mountains and the evergreen forests (oh my!). This destination will give you all the moody and contemporary wedding day vibes that will make you and your guests get cozy while bench sitting on the big day.

We are headed south where we find Cannon Beach, OR. This charming seaside village and its long sandy shores give you all of the family SoCal beach vibes while still in Oregon.

Next, we are heading south on PCH where we will stumble across California’s mist-filled hidden gem that is Big Sur, CA. We are confident a wedding in this location will ultimately give you the intimate seaside cliffs, lantern lit dreamland.

A bit further south we find Malibu, CA where you’ll find yourself in a beach city that makes you feel like you are one of the world’s most popular celebrities! This destination is a quick drive from the ever-spirited city of Los Angeles and it will absolutely have you singing “Malibu” by Miley Cyrus all day long.


Just keep driving… California is long, but who doesn’t love a state that gives you beach city after beach city? Presenting Laguna, Beach, CA! Not only is this wedding location closest to our San Clemente Headquarters, but also this beach city will have you and your honey getting cozy cove side while tying the knot.

Hang tight our drive just got a bit longer because we are headed to Dripping Springs, TX. Archive Rentals has an Austin, TX  location that can give your wedding all of the southern charm or contemporary feels that you could ever dream of. Our Texas Design team excels in the ability to provide you with just the right mix of everything you want for the special day.

Next up, Houston, TX. This main hub of Texas is filled with some of the best wedding venues, including The Houstonian, where your wedding can have a contemporary and city feel, all while still being in a southern state.

For our last stop, we’ll need to hop on a plane to Tulum, MX.  Caribbean coastline, need we say more? The beaches of Tulum speak for themselves and we are confident if your destination wedding ends up here you and your honey will be having the most romantic wedding weekend of all time!

Now that our travels have ended… Did you know that Archive Rentals services every one of the Top 2020 Wedding Destinations?Not only can we jazz up your wedding ceremony and reception in these locations, but we can even travel locations like Sedona, AZ and Park City, UT! Where is your wedding this year? Reach out here and let us know so we can start designing the perfect and spirited wedding of a lifetime for you. We are confident that we are going to nail it!